Can a Chiropractor Ease Your Aching Back?
When used in the right patients and in conjunction with other treatments, spinal manipulation therapy can ease back and neck pain and improve physical function.

Can a Chiropractor Ease Your Aching Back?

Understanding the multi-faceted approach behind spinal adjustments can help determine if it can help your neck or back pain.

Osteoarthritis (OA) can be a pain in the neck—literally. When OA creeps into the spine, the condition can play a pivotal role in limiting movement and everyday function. For those trying to find relief, many turn to the help of a chiropractor, osteopathic physician or practitioner of spinal manipulation therapy (SMT).

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  • Are You Ready for Surgery?


    Are You Ready for Surgery?

    Joint replacement surgery can be delayed, but if pain dramatically increases, its time to seek care.

    If you have osteoarthritis (OA), you’re not alone. Many people over the age of 65 have OA to some degree, and the condition can even affect the joints of those in their 30s and 40s. While OA is common, joint replacement surgery is typically not necessary for most people who...

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  • Osteoarthritis and Your Heart


    Osteoarthritis and Your Heart

    Studies suggest a link between OA and heart disease; addressing your cardiac risk factors early and aggressively can help.

    It’s well established that patients with inflammatory arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), are at higher risk of heart attack and stroke. The body-wide, or systemic, inflammation that damages the joints in RA, psoriatic arthritis, lupus and other autoimmune diseases...

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  • Build a Strong Core to Ease Pain


    Build a Strong Core to Ease Pain

    When youre looking at ways to rally against discomfort, your core muscles are in control.

    Just like the stressors of life, the stress of arthritis can cause you to feel out of control. Yet, the most powerful way to help regain the strength and independence painful joints can take away is to turn toward your body’s core. The core is actually a large group of muscles...

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  • In The News: April 2015

    Exercise & Prevention

    In The News: April 2015

    Can’t Sleep? Blame Your Body Aches

    The aches of musculoskeletal pain may increase the risk of insomnia in older adults, according to a study published in Rheumatology (Jan. 2015). The good news is that improving physical and social function, the research reports, may lessen the onset of insomnia. After reviewing...

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  • Do You Need a Drug for Your Bones?


    Do You Need a Drug for Your Bones?

    A thorough evaluation can help determine if a prescription medication is necessary for your bone healthor if a change in diet can help.

    Bone creates a strong framework for our bodies, a living tissue that is constantly being broken down and replaced. But when osteoporosis sets in, bones become weak and brittle, making a fall or just bending over enough stress to cause a fracture.

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  • Steroid Shots: Worth Considering?

    Pain Management

    Steroid Shots: Worth Considering?

    They can help get your stiff, swollen joints moving, but limitations and risks exist.

    Pain due to arthritis is common and shots of cortico­steroids into an aching joint are often used to provide relief. By helping fight the pain and swelling caused by inflammation, a steroid shot can literally transform a stiff joint into one nimble enough for motion.

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