Still Smoking? Why You Need to Quit for Your Joints’ Sake

Still Smoking? Why You Need to Quit for Your Joints’ Sake

Did you know that cigarettes contain more than 4,000 chemicals, including arsenic, carbon monoxide and the poison cyanide? And more than 60 of these chemicals you inhale cause cancer. While the reasons smoking is bad for you are endless, including increasing your risk of blindness and hearing loss, dulling your taste buds and prematurely wrinkling the skin, the link between smoking and arthritis shouldn’t be overlooked.

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  • The SI Joint and Back Pain

    Pain Management

    The SI Joint and Back Pain

    New insight and treatments are bringing relief to patients hobbled by sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

    Degeneration of the lumbar vertebrae and the disks that cushion them is a well-established cause of low-back pain. But, a more nebulous source of low-back pain is the sacroiliac (SI) joint, formed by the triangular sacrum at the base of the spine and the iliac crest of the pelvis....

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  • Vitamin D and Bone Health

    Nutrition & Supplements

    Vitamin D and Bone Health

    The when and why of vitamin D supplementation.

    Is vitamin D the cure for all that ails you? According to the headlines, the vitamin—also known as the “sunshine pill”— goes beyond benefit to the bones, with the potential to ease migraines, help hives, and prevent strokes as well as lower cholesterol. Adding...

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  • Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Insomnia with Fibromyalgia

    Exercise & Prevention

    Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Insomnia with Fibromyalgia

    Insomnia is common in fibromyalgia patients, but there are ways to stop the increased pain that decreased sleep creates.

    A diagnosis of fibromyalgia can seem forever ominous. With symptoms that include a combination of widespread pain, fatigue and cognitive difficulties, the disorder is known for its erratic disruption of everyday life. \n

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  • Pain Management

    Using Your Gluteus ‘to the Maximus’ for Hip Health

    Strengthening your buttock muscles can help ease hip pain and improve joint health.

    The proof behind an exercise program’s power for hip joint health is continually increasing—and research is now showing that it may help hip osteoarthritis (OA) patients avoid total hip replacement surgery as well. According to a study published in the Annals of the...

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