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Ask the Doctors: Fear of Surgery; Turmeric

Q: I have arthritis in my knees. I lost weight and am doing physical therapy, which have helped. But I still have pain and limited function. My doctor says I should consider knee replacement surgery, but I’m scared of having surgery. Do you have any advice? A: You are not alone. Many people have fears […]

Fixing a Labral Tear

One possible cause of hip pain is a labral tear, which can occur in people with a condition called femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). Labral tears often require surgery to repair. Symptoms of labral tears mimic those of osteoarthritis. One distinguishing feature is the age of the person when symptoms arise. “FAI is seen more commonly in […]

Short Stay After Joint Surgery

Knee and hip replacements are two of the most common surgeries performed in the United States. These surgeries have been around for decades. Not surprisingly, advancements over that time have improved many aspects of the procedures. For example, there has been a dramatic change in how soon patients can go home after surgery. In the past, […]

Ask the Doctors: Shingles Vaccine; Disk Degenration

Q: In the June 2020 issue you recommend that people with rheumatoid arthritis who take immune-suppressing drugs get a shingles shot. I take infliximab (Remicade®) and methotrexate. I have not had the vaccine. Isn’t the vaccine live? Would I be more at risk of getting shingles by taking it? A: There are two vaccines against […]

Surgery for Bunions

Bunions are very common. They can be annoying and painful, but they usually can be managed without surgery. Sometimes surgery is needed. A bunion is a bony bump at the side of the big toe joint. It occurs when the big toe bends toward the second toe. Formation of a bunion is a slow process. […]

The Rise of Telehealth

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged the healthcare system in unprecedented ways. For many doctors and their patients it meant adapting to a new reality in which “the doctor will see you now” does not necessarily mean in the exam room. As large numbers of people became acquainted with conducting their business and social lives over videoconferencing, […]

Hip Resurfacing: An Option for Some

If you are facing hip replacement surgery, there are two options. The standard operation is a total replacement. Some people have the choice of a different procedure, called hip resurfacing. This preserves more bone and has advantages over the total replacement. But it’s not for everyone. Men under age 65 with debilitating hip arthritis who […]

Kinesiology Tape for OA

You may have seen athletes with large strips of brightly colored tape placed on their skin meant to enhance their performance. Did you know the same type of tape, called elastic therapeutic tape or kinesiology tape, may have pain-relieving effects for people with osteoarthritis? This tape is a stretchy cotton strip with adhesive on one […]

Ask the Doctors: Ankle Replacement Surgery; Osteoarthritis

Q: I have severe osteoarthritis in my ankle, and I am considering surgery. What should I know about ankle replacement surgery? A: When osteoarthritis becomes severe and nonsurgical measures are no longer adequate to relieve symptoms, surgery is an option for some joints. Hip and knee replacements are common. There’s also a replacement surgery for […]

Big Toe Arthritis

One of the most common problems in the front of the foot is a condition called hallux rigidus (which means big toe stiffness). Hallux rigidus is caused by mechanical wear in the joint where the big toe bone meets the rest of the foot. “The first thing that usually happens is a little bone spur […]

Alternative to Spinal Fusion

Several joints in the body, such as the knee, hip, shoulder and ankle, can be replaced with artificial implants. There’s also an implant procedure for the spine, although it’s less commonly performed than knee and hip replacement. The surgery is artificial disk replacement. One of the cushioning disks between two vertebrae (the small bones that […]

Advances in Hip Implants

When pain from severe hip osteoarthritis can no longer be adequately controlled and you arent able to function normally, it may make sense to opt for hip replacement surgery. When this time comes, you will probably have many questions. For example, what exactly will the new hip be made of, and how long will it last?