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Men Get Osteoporosis Too

When you think of a person with osteoporosis the image that most likely comes to mind is an older woman. But men also get osteoporosis and suffer bone fractures. About 54 million Americans have osteoporosis. Every year, about 2 million of them fracture a bone. Studies show that about one-half of women and one-quarter of […]

Your Aging Spine

Your spine is a column made of a stack of small bones (vertebrae) with the spinal cord running through it. Each vertebra has a cylindrical part (inside is the spinal cord and nerve roots), on the back of which is a bony ring with spiky projections (called the spinous process). The cylinders are stacked on top of one another and separated with shock-absorbing cushions (disks).

Can AI Fix Your Bad Back?

There also is a wealth of data in medical records and the research literature about the characteristics of individual patients and their experiences with different treatments. "When I'm in an exam room with a patient, it is difficult to reconcile the hundreds of data points in the records that influence how a patient will perceive their outcome and to render a truly informed decision for that patient," says Dr. Mroz. He believes the solution to this problem is artificial intelligence (AI).

Steroid Injections for Back Pain

The spine consists of a column of bones (vertebrae), each of which has a cylindrical body with bony projections at the back. The cylindrical bodies are separated by shock absorbing cushions (disks). The bony projections connect each vertebra to the one above and below at small joints called facet joints. Just below the column of vertebrae, there's a triangular bone called the sacrum, which connects to the pelvic bones. This three- to four-inch long connection is called the sacroiliac joint.