Taming Text Neck

Your neck muscles are meant to support the weight of your 10-to 12-pound head in an upright position. As your head drops forward the load on those muscles increases. If you tilt your head down just 15 degrees, it can nearly triple the force on your neck to about 27pounds. Bend it 30 degrees and this increases to 40 pounds of force.

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Dining in a group causes most people to eat more calories than they would when eating alone. If you're planning to make a New Year's resolution about your diet, "don't wait for January; start now," advises Kirkpatrick. Here are more of her tips for this time of year:

How to Prevent Falling

In addition to aging, other factors can put you at higher risk for falling. Having fallen in the past raises the chances that you might fall again, especially if the fall resulted in an injury. Feeling unsteady when you walk or needing to hang onto something, such as furniture or the walls, makes you more likely to fall. People come to rely on that support, which can change the way they walk, says Bebb. They may lean forward or have a change of posture that can increase fall risk.

Guide to Acupuncture

An ancient form of Chinese medicine, acupuncture can be viewed from both an Eastern and a Western perspective, as discussed in the June 2018 issue of Arthritis Advisor. According to Chinese medicine, our bodies have pathways (called meridians), through which energy (Qi, pronounced chee) flows. When there is an imbalance, we need to either reinforce flow or promote flow that is blocked, says Starkey.

Ask The Doctors: September 2018

Hip arthritis is usually experienced as pain in the groin. It can also cause pain on the front of the thigh or even pain around the knee. Having achy joints can be frustrating. It may seem logical that resting the joint will help. But, in fact, the opposite is true. Joints are meant to move, and they need movement to be healthy. The mobile joints in the body are lined with a membrane that secretes synovial fluid, which provides nutrition and lubrication. Some form of compression (from walking or other physical activity) is needed to circulate the nourishing synovial fluid across the joint.

New Shingles Vaccine

According to the CDC, Shingrix may be used in people with weakened immune systems. At this point, no studies have examined Shingrix in patients with autoimmune disease, cautions Dr. Calabrese. Shingrix includes a compound called an adjuvant that helps the vaccine create a stronger immune response. The adjuvant revs up the immune system, so there is a concern for exacerbating autoimmune diseases, explains Dr. Calabrese. Rheumatologists are awaiting further data on Shingrix in this patient population.

In The News: May 2018

To lose weight, should you be on a low-fat diet or a low-carbohydrate diet? It probably doesnt matter as long as you focus on the quality of the foods you eat. Arthritis is a major cause of pain and disability, affecting an estimated 54.4 million adults in the United States. Yoga is a mind and body practice that combines breathing, meditation and motion. It has become increasingly popular as a way to manage stress and reduce pain.

Benefits of Yoga

What is yoga good for? Quite a lot actually, including possibly arthritis and back problems. Several studies support its potential for pain management in people with these conditions. Yoga is more than a physical exercise; its a mind-body practice. It combines physical movement with mindfulness, which simply means using your senses and focusing.

What Is Inflammation?

Your achy joint thats swollen and feels stiff is probably harboring inflammation. If you have arthritis (whether osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis), inflammation contributes to pain and other symptoms. Many drugs for arthritis work by reducing inflammation. But what is inflammation?

Ask The Doctors: May 2018

Bunions, which are very common, can be annoying, painful and affect your ability to do activities. Just because you have a bunion doesnt mean you should rush to get surgery. Dont ignore it either. Left untreated, a bunion can lead to other foot deformities. There are different types of kidney stones. Most are made of calcium, so it might seem like consuming a lot of calcium would lead to kidney stones. Its not that simple.

Ask The Doctors: April 2018

How can I strengthen my core muscles? Any machines at the gym I should use? Ive had one cortisone shot in my arthritic knee. Its hurting again. How many of these can I safely get?

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Cleveland Clinic, along with other healthcare institutions, has put new practices and policies into place to deal with the opioid epidemic. We spoke with Lisa Yerian, MD, Medical Director of Continuous Improvement at Cleveland Clinic, and Cleveland Clinic psychiatrist Mohsen Vazirian, MD, about the problem and the response. In this and future issues of Arthritis Advisor we will continue the discussion.