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Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

If the sunshine vitamin is so good for us, why arent we getting enough?

Fight Bone Loss and OA With…Onions?

An onion compound has been found to reduce the loss of bone in laboratory rats. Researchers at the University of Bern, Switzerland, analyzed the chemical components of white onions and determined that the compound responsible for decreasing bone loss is the peptide y-L-glutamyl-trans-S-1-propenyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide (GPCS). The study appeared in a recent issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. …

In the News: 07/05

Calcium, Vitamin D Still Vital Allies In Osteoporosis War; High Blood Pressure/Musculoskeletal Pain Relationship; Herbal Remedies And RA Drugs Dont Mix

Ask Dr. Marks: 06/05

Hypermobility syndrome; Avoiding purines; Stills Disease

Take The Ouch Out

You may not be able to stop your arthritis, but there are things you can do to keep it under control.

Ask Dr. Marks: 05/05

Hyaluronic acid information; arthritis-alcohol connection; and fibromyalgia suggestions

Herbal Supplements: Right For You?

Natural medications are widely available, but they dont always include what their manufacturers claim.

Arthritis Nutrition Myths Dispelled

Theres little scientific evidence to support dubious diet claims.

Ask Dr. Marks: 01/05

Resurfacing hip-repair procedure, methotrexate and an upset stomach, and causes of gout

Ask Dr. Marks: 12/04

Septic arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and gout.

Diet and RA: The Link Remains Elusive

A balanced diet and portion control still top the menu.

Ask Dr. Marks: 03/03

Ive heard its important for people with arthritis to take plenty of vitamin C and/or vitamin E. Is this true? Research has been published on both sides of the issue. A recent major study from Australia showed no effect on cartilage wear and joint symptoms between Vitamin E and placebo-treated groups. Neither did dietary levels of antioxidants (Vitamin C and beta carotene) have any effect on cartilage loss. On the other hand, some studies, employing a…