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  • When Surgery Is the Answer for Ankle Arthritis
  • In The News
  • 5 Steps to Successful Weight Loss
  • How to Manage Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Relief for Neck Pain
  • Managing Mornings with Arthritis
  • Ask The Doctors

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  • What's Causing Your Hip to Hurt?
  • In The News
  • Get Relief from Raynaud's
  • Do You Need a Cane or Walker?
  • An Alternative for Pain Control
  • Add Yoga to Arthritis Treatment
  • Ask The Doctors

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  • Drugs to Treat Osteoporosis
  • In The News
  • Muscle Pain with Osteoarthritis
  • Make Room for Legumes
  • Stay Safe on Ice and Snow
  • Replacing Knees Using Robotics
  • Ask the Doctor

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In The News

Gabapentin for Osteoarthritis

Treating Compression Fractures

Protect Yourself Against Pneumonia

2022 Index

Ask The Doctors

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  • Pain: It's Not Just Physical
  • In The News
  • 5 Habits to Save Your Back
  • Don't Forget Your Flu Shot
  • What Does the Expiration Date on Medication Really Mean?
  • When Treating Bunions Means Surgery
  • Ask The Doctors

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  • Sleep Well with Sore Joints
  • How to Fix a Frozen Shoulder
  • Update on Stem Cell Therapy
  • Outpatient Joint Replacement
  • Try T'ai Chi Chih
  • As The Doctors

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  • Treating Rotator Cuff Tears
  • Hip Osteoarthritis: First Steps
  • Update on JAK Inhibitors
  • Coping with Long COVID
  • Surgery for Rheumatoid Arthritis

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  • Calcific Tendinitis in the Shoulder
  • Better Pasta
  • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  • How to Strengthen Your Core
  • Pain After Joint Replacement

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  • Meditation for Pain Control
  • In The News: Steroid Injections & Hip Osteoarthritis; Diabetes & Knee Osteoarthritis; Weight-Loss Surgery & Joint Complications; Dietary Changes & Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Coping with Ankle Arthritis
  • Improve Balance to Prevent Falls
  • Fall Prevention Tips
  • Treating Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Ask the Doctors: Supplements for Joint Pain; Lyme Disease

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  • Surgery for Hand Osteoarthritis
  • In the News
  • Prevent Golfer’s Elbow
  • The Newest Osteoporosis Drug
  • Knee Tendon Injuries
  • Virtual Physical Therapy
  • Ask the Doctors

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  • How to Treat Hamstring Injuries
  • In the News: Healthy Dieting & Gout Risk; Vitamin D & Fish Oil May Lower Risk for Autoimmune Diseases; Excess Body Fat & Bone Density in Men; Lung Disease & RA
  • The Healthiest Oils
  • RA and Lung Disease
  • Improving Shoulder Replacement
  • Managing Rheumatic Meds
  • Ask the Doctors: Herniated Disk & Knee Braces

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  • Dietary Guidelines: Make Every Bite Count
  • Replacing Joints With Less Blood Loss
  • Role of NSAIDs in Pain Control
  • Arthritis in the AC Joint
  • Ask the Doctors
  • In the News