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NSAIDs are effective because they block an enzyme called cyclooxygenase (COX), which exists in two forms-COX-1 and COX-2. These enzymes make chemicals called prostaglandins, which contribute to inflammation in the body.

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Golf is an appealing sport for millions of Americans, including about 17 million people over age 50. Getting older doesnt diminish the desire to play, but it can present some new challenges.

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Joint replacement surgery is often recommended when osteoarthritis seriously limits the ability to function and can no longer be effectively managed with nonsurgical methods, such as exercise, physical therapy, pain medications and injections.

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The abnormal bending of the toes known as hammertoes is a common foot deformity, especially for women. The end of the toe bends down and the middle joint sticks up. Hammertoes mainly cause difficulty fitting into shoes and corns and calluses from pressure and rubbing.

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When knee osteoarthritis worsens to a point where it can no longer be managed with nonsurgical measures, many people turn to joint replacement surgery. But there may be reasons to delay or avoid surgery. If thats the case, you arent necessarily out of luck. A genicular nerve block may help ease pain enough to get you back to functioning.

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When advanced osteoarthritis in the shoulder results in pain and loss of function, and nonsurgical treatments no longer help, joint replacement surgery may become anoption.

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When aches, pains and other symptoms stem from a problem with the musculoskeletal system (meaning the bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and joints) your doctor may order an imaging test to help determine the underlying cause.

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People who play sports, including basketball, soccer and tennis, can rupture the Achilles tendon from bursts of jumping or running. "The classic case is someone who plants his foot and then charges forward," says Dr. Berkowitz. The sudden movement can overstretch the tendon to the point that it tears. While this can happen to anyone, it most often occurs in men ages 30 to 50.

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For some people, an injection of a corticosteroid (commonly called a steroid), which is a powerful anti-inflammatory medication, can help relieve pain and other symptoms. But it's not right for everyone. Even when a steroid shot is appropriate, it is just one part of a comprehensive treatment plan. In addition, your physician must determine the right type of injection to give.

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Virtual doctors office visits are part of the growing trend of telemedicine, which utilizes telecommunications and other technology to exchange health information from one site to another. Telemedicine is a broad term that might include remote monitoring of a patients heart function, long distance observation of a patient in the intensive care unit, applications and devices that transmit data (such as blood pressure), or consultation between two doctors in different locations.

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Achy, stiff joints from osteoarthritis get more common as we age. Your genes also contribute to the likelihood that cartilage in joints will wear down. Osteoarthritis occurs when cartilage, which covers the ends of bones, deteriorates, causing inflammation and structural changes in the joint. This can result in varying degrees of pain and reduced function. Weight-bearing joints, such as the knees and hips, are especially vulnerable.

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Have you ever been diagnosed with tendinitis whether in the elbow, shoulder, knee, hip or heel and a corticosteroid shot didn't work? The itis in tendinitis refers to inflammation, and corticosteroids are powerful anti-inflammatory medications. It seems logical they should work.