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Arthritis Pain Management

Six New Year’s Resolutions for Pain Relief (Jan, 1)

Understanding Fibromyalgia’s Chronic Influence (Jan, 4)

Laughter: The Best Medicine (Jan, 6)

Consistent PT Combats Knee OA Pain—Physically and Financially (Feb, 2)

Acupuncture’s Benefits (Feb, 8)

X-rays Unreliable for Hip OA Diagnosis (Mar, 2)

Kitchen Aids for People with Hand Arthritis (Mar, 8)

Troubleshooting Back Pain (April, 1)

Is it Gout or Pseudogout? (April, 5)

Kitchen Aids for People with Hand Arthritis (May, 5)

Osteoarthritis and Bunions (May, 8)

Proper Posture Promises Pain Relief (June, 1)

Treatment for Fibromyalgia (June, 8)

Ease Joint Pain with Meditation (July, 1)

Wrist Pain (July, 8)

Deformities of the Big Toe (Aug, 1)

Pinpointing the Source of Pain (Aug, 3)

Zap Away Back Pain (Aug, 4)

Acupuncture for Pain Relief (Sept, 1)

More People Hospitalized for Gout than for Rheumatoid Arthritis (Sept, 2)

Tennis Elbow (Sept, 8)

Neck Pain (Oct, 8)

Relief for Spinal Stenosis (Nov, 1)

Greater Weight Loss Equals More Osteoarthritis Symptom Relief (Nov, 2)

Coping with Thumb Arthritis (Nov, 4)

Best Sleep Positions (Nov, 8)


Drug Therapy Reduces Future Fracture Risk (Jan, 2)

Safety of Supplements Questioned—Again (Jan, 2)

Opioids Increase Infection Risk in Arthritis Patients (Jan, 2)

Help Your Bones, Hurt Your Jaw? (Jan, 3)

Denosumab + Methotrexate Boosts Bone Health in RA (Feb, 2)

Getting a Sense of Supplements (Feb, 5)

Facing Today’s High Drug Costs (Mar, 1)

Turmeric and Ginger (April, 8)

Opioid Drugs Provide Similar Pain Relief to NSAIDs for Knee Osteoarthritis (May, 2)

Use Caution When Taking OTC Pain Medicines (May, 3)

Glucosamine and Chondroitin May Slow Cartilage Deterioration (June, 2)

The NSAID Diclofenac Found Most Effective for Osteoarthritis Pain (June, 2)

A Shot at Pain Relief (June, 4)

Opioids for Osteoarthritis (June, 8)

FDA Approves First Biosimilar Drug for Rheumatoid Arthritis (July, 2)

FDA Approves Drug for Two Less Common Types of Arthritis (July, 2)

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Update (July, 3)

Topical NSAIDs (July, 8)

Chinese Herbal Medicine (Aug, 5)

Biosimilar Drug Approved for Rheumatoid Arthritis (Aug, 6)

Calcium and Vitamin D (Aug, 8)

Obesity May Reduce Chance of Remission for People with RA (Sept, 2)

Opioid Drugs Provide Modest Benefit for Chronic Low Back Pain (Oct, 2)

Rub-On Relief (Oct, 3)

Avoid a Vitamin D Deficiency (Oct, 4)

Risk for Femur Fracture with Osteoporosis Drugs Not Significant (Nov, 2)

Biosimilar Versions of RA Drugs Equivalent to Originals (Nov, 2)

Osteoporosis Drugs: Benefits Outweigh Risks (Nov, 6)


A Chain Reaction for Relief (Jan, 5)

Driving After Hip Replacement Surgery (Jan, 8)

Yoga’s Pain-Relieving Benefits (Feb, 1)

Weight Loss: Your Knee’s Protector (Feb, 2)

Arthritis and Your Heart (Feb, 3)

Meniscal Tears (Feb, 8)

How to Help Yourself When Caring for Others (Mar, 4)

Regain Your Range of Motion (Mar, 5)

Get the Arthritis Facts (Mar, 6)

Daily Yoga to Improve Bone Health (April, 2)

Most People with Gout Unaware of Key Measure (April, 2)

Is Osteoarthritis an Inevitable Part of Aging? (April, 3)

Walking Works Wonders (April, 4)

Physical Activity Early in Life Linked to Stronger Bones for Middle-Aged Men (May, 2)

To Prevent Low Back Pain, Exercise Wins Out (May, 2)

Just a Little Weight Loss Goes a Long Way (May, 2)

Rheumatoid Arthritis Puts Bones at Risk (May, 4)

Surmounting the Stair Challenge (May, 6)

Benefits of Watery Workouts (June, 5)

When Fingers Curl and Won’t Unfurl (June, 6)

Smoking Ups the Risk for Early Death in People with RA (July, 2)

Some Knee Injuries May Increase Risk for Osteoarthritis (July, 4)

Morning Exercises for Low Back Pain (July, 5)

Tai Chi May Be as Effective as Physical Therapy for Knee Osteoarthritis (Aug, 2)

Newspapers Often Depict Gout as Self-Inflicted and Make Jokes (Aug, 2)

Exercise for Balance (Aug, 8)

Improve Balance, Prevent Falls (Sept, 5)

Scoliosis (Sept, 8)

Gentle Yoga for Chronic Pain (Oct, 1)

Being Overweight Increases Likelihood of Knee Replacement (Oct, 2)

Exercise and Surgery Equally Effective for Meniscal Tears (Oct, 2)

Keeping Toes in Line (Oct, 5)

Demystifying Gout (Oct, 6)


Enjoy Winter’s Superfoods for Pain Relief (Mar, 3)

New Dietary Guidelines (April, 2)

Diet for Weight Loss (May, 8)

Start the Day with a Healthy Breakfast (June, 3)

Most Americans are Eating a Healthier Diet (Sept, 2)

Saturated Fats May Exacerbate Osteoarthritis (Oct, 2)

A Healthy Diet Reduces Uric Acid Levels in People with Gout (Nov, 2)

Weight Loss and Arthritis at Holiday Time (Nov, 3)


Sleep Apnea Tied to Gout (Jan, 2)

CBT Outshines Light Therapy for Seasonal Depression (Feb, 2)

Gout Can Hurt Your Heart (Mar, 2)

Hip OA Develops Differently Among Races (Mar, 2)

Knee Replacement Put to the Test (April, 2)

Harnessing the Body’s Own Healing Powers (April, 6)

Promising Results of Radiofrequency Ablation for Back Pain (June, 2)

Massive Weight Loss May Alter Metabolism (Aug, 2)

People with Psoriatic Arthritis at Increased Risk for Heart Disease (Sept, 2)

Stem Cells: Hype vs. Reality (Sept, 4)

New Treatments for Psoriatic Arthritis Have Big Impact (Sept, 6)

Surgical Solutions

Resolving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Feb, 4)

Knee Replacement for Rheumatoid Arthritis (April, 8)

Shoulder Replacement to Ease Pain and Improve Function (May, 1)

Joint Replacement Too Soon After Steroid Injection Increases Risk for Infection (June, 2)

Improved Function and Less Joint Pain after Weight-Loss Surgery (July, 2)

Joint Replacement: When Sooner May Be Better than Later (July, 6)

Two Surgical Approaches to Hip Replacement, Similar Outcomes (Aug, 2)

Benefits of Weight-Loss Surgery for Arthritis (Sept, 3)

Hip Resurfacing (Oct, 8)

Faster Recovery After Joint Replacement (Nov, 5)

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